1. Setup a MasterNode

2. Factoring Process

In a typical factoring on infactor.io, there are 3 parties involved. Supplier, Buyer and Financier. Supplier is a starting point. Supplier uploads Invoice, Buyer validates invoice and Financier factors on invoice.

  • Register on http://infactor.io.

Choose your role(Supplier, Buyer, Financier)

On successful registration, A wallet account is automatically created for you.

Note : To register, you must have uploaded KYC, staked XDC and you are a part of XDC Network by running a masternode. In case of any malicious activity the staked XDC will be frozen.


  • Supplier uploads invoice details and related documents.


  • Buyer verfies invoice authenticity and approve/reject invoice.


  • Supplier selects an approved invoice for factoring. All financiers on the platform receive new factoring notification. Financer sends a factoring proposal along with related documents to supplier. The proposal includes interest rate/month and the upfront payment percent of total invoice amount.


  • Supplier approves the factoring proposal and the notification is sent to selected financier. Financier pays first payment to supplier as per factoring criteria

Note : To transfer amount, a user has to load the amount into a wallet. A deposit functionality is present in user profile section.


  • Buyer pays invoice amount to financier. A financier pays final payment(by deducting fees) to supplier.

Fee calculation is done on the basis of Interest Rate (as per factoring criteria) and payout date. If Buyer pays invoice amount earlier to financier, fees will be less and vice versa. The fees calculation is done on the smart contract.

  • Financier and Supplier can rate each other.